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Welcome to Horse Trainer Database.

Thanks for taking the time to stop and see the sights! We endeavour to make navigating this website as easy as possible so you can find all the data without pulling your hair out or screaming: ''HELP!''. We definitely don't want that.

So why did I create the Horse Trainer Database? It was all very selfish. I have many and varied interests within horse racing and needed a website that kept all the information I needed in one handy place. I got fed up searching the net and find poor websites or bookmarking Richard Hannon, Paul Nicholls, Roger Varian et al. It was a pain where you pin the tail on the donkey.

So who is the creator of Horse Trainer Database?

My name is Jason Coote. You may have seen a few websites I run including Eric Winner, High-Class Equine, Winning Racing Tips, Group Horse... It's a long list. Basically, we make websites for people who love horse racing, betting, tips and 99.9% of our stuff is free. If we charge for something it's because it is exceptional.

I make money gambling and I know a good thing when I see it.

That's a photo of my brother, Tony, Dan The Man, and I.

The photo was taken last year on a day at the race when visiting one of my favourite courses Great Yarmouth. It holds special memories as I used to go there with my late father, Colin. So we always go to the course a few times a year including the Eastern Festival every September. While we are there, we visit the Grosvenor Casino so it is a bit of a gambling week.

If I can help in any way, please get in touch. I always do my best for others and work in an efficient, knowledgable and gracious manner.


Much appreciate your support.